I'm a London-based music photographer specialised in live concert photography. I started to venture into band promos and portraits as well.

My love for concert photography is a result of several different loves coming together. I've always loved to photograph people - but I preferred to sneak on them, catch the moment in their expression. We all know in real life it's a difficult task - the moment people notice a lens pointed at them, they start to pose. But that doesn't happen on stage, where they're exposed already as it is and the lens is not the main distraction. Since music is my greatest love, it all came together quite naturally.

I'm a photographer and promoter/scout for Chaos Theory, a music promotion collective organising professional gigs for DIY musicians, I'm also the Photo Editor of Echoes and Dust, a music reviews website focused on covering all sorts of leftfield genres. 

Since starting out as a music photographer, I had the pleasure of working with some of my favourite bands, including Her Name Is Calla, Codes In The CloudsMaybeshewill, Rumour Cubes, obe, Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster and many more. I've also covered ArcTanGent Festival and Dunk!Festival in Belgium. 

I'm a social media nerd and can be found pretty much everywhere.  Feel free to find me on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, tumblr, flickr - or use the get in touch form.

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